Get That Job


Sometimes our clients come to us and they are clear about the direction they want to take. They know what they want to do but they either don’t know how to approach the job search or they have tried and are not getting anywhere.

NCS’ Get That Job Program is based on best practice job search techniques, tools and strategies.

Looking for and getting a dream job are a set of skills that can be learned for life. We work with you and provide the right support and know-how to break down what can be an overwhelming process into practical, manageable steps.

This program is right for you if you

  • know your direction
  • can ask for and accept feedback
  • are willing to do things differently

You can expect

  • Strategies for accessing the hidden job market
  • A personalised resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch that invite interest
  • Interview confidence
  • Tools for managing overwhelm and self-doubt
  • Support emails, phone calls and on-going coaching to keep you on track

In addition our clients receive

  • Templates for self marketing – resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, elevator pitches for future use
  • Guidelines for networking with authenticity and integrity
  • How to deal with work gaps on your resume
  • How to deal with a career change on your resume
  • How to recover from a conflict with an employer
  • Tailored, authentic answers to the trickiest interview questions
  • Comfortable networking skills and support

How it works

This program consists of information and action steps combined with one-on-one coaching sessions.

The program is typically 6 weeks in duration.

Interstate and international clients are coached over the phone or Skype. Local clients choose Skype or visit our offices in Melbourne (Kew).

To find out more

Call us on 1300 886 834 or email us or for a confidential introductory session.

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