Invigorate Your Career


Each client that comes to us is unique, with a different set of complex factors affecting their careers. Some are looking at the next chapter in their lives and need something different from their careers. Some feel stuck and don’t know what direction to take. Many have tried, on their own, to make a career change but haven’t achieved results.

Whatever our clients’ situations, they all find themselves at a crossroad looking for something more inspiring, meaningful and aspirational. They have already experienced the real cost of an unsatisfying career. Loss of confidence negatively impacts physical, mental and emotional health and then spills over into relationships, affecting the people closest to them.

Our clients make a decision that being unhappy in their work is no longer acceptable. We partner with them to provide the support they need to transform their lives.

Our services are tailored to individual need and can be combined in whatever way works best for you.  However, we have some example packages such as the NCS’ Invigorate Your Career Program (outlined below) which is a customised approach that integrates relevant best practice career management methodologies to suit your situation. It involves a journey of self discovery and personal leadership.

This program is right for you if you are:

  • ready to explore possibilities
  • committed to doing the work that it takes
  • focused on achieving results

From this program you can expect

  • New clarity on your personal strengths, values and vision
  • A deep understanding of why engagement is crucial
  • To identify your unique combinations of attributes, skills and experience that give you the advantage
  • To discover personal fit
  • To explore multiple career directions
  • An engaging career plan
  • To develop awareness of personal blind spots and how to manage them
  • New strategies for engaging others
  • Tailored self-marketing basics*
  • Interview confidence
  • Comfortable networking strategies
  • Simple and effective approaches to managing overwhelm and self-doubt
  • Coaching and support to keep you on track
    * Relevant combinations of resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, elevator pitch etc.

In addition our clients receive

  • Templates for career communication including resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, websites – so that you can respond to changing circumstances in the future
  • Guidelines for networking with authenticity and integrity
  • The keys to accessing the hidden job market
  • Simple strategies for overcoming common problems including
  • How to deal with work gaps on your resume
  • How to recover from a conflict with an employer
  • How to handle absence from the job market/networks
  • Overcoming resistance to networking for reluctant introverts
  • Answering the trickiest interview questions authentically

How it works

This program consists of learning modules, personal assessments, exercises and action steps combined with one-on-one coaching sessions as well as touch base phone support sessions to keep you on track.

The full program duration is typically 3 – 6 months (depending on individual circumstances) with most clients reporting major positive shifts within the first 2 to 3 sessions.

Interstate and international clients are coached over the phone or Skype. Local clients choose Skype or visit our offices in Melbourne (Kew).

To find out more:

Call us on 1300 886 834 or email us or for a confidential introductory session.

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